Brief Description of the Organization

The organization was established in 1999 and registered in November 2000 under the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Statute of 1998.
It was incorporated on 14th December 2007, under the Companies Act, Laws of Uganda as a Public Limited Company without Share Capital. PROBICOU is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization.
The goal of the organization is environmental preservation and protection, biodiversity conservation and implementation of sustainable development principles.
PROBICOU is committed to work with different range of stakeholders in order to foster cooperation and joint work for the purpose of achieving sustainable environmental management and strong worldwide recognition of Uganda as an Ecological State.
PROBICOU is a member of a number of networks and platforms both local and International. PROBICOU is currently the host institution for the Coalition on Environment and Climate Change in Uganda (CECCU), the organizations is an NGO focal point organization for Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) in Uganda, a member of National Steering committee on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), and a member of National Steering committee on Elimination of Child Labor in Agriculture. In addition, PROBICOU is the host institution for Publish What You Pay Uganda (PWYP-U) and Farmers Union of Uganda. The organization is also accredited by Global Environment Facility (GEF).
It is a partner to UNEP in waste management partnership area under IPEN. PROBICOU is also accredited by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and holds an observer status. .


Have a clean and healthy environment that is fit for biodiversity and human beings to live in, and ensure the participation of the communities in the conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources..


The mission of the Organization is to conserve biodiversity by promoting sustainable development through shared responsibility and networking..


The goal of the organization is environmental preservation and protection, biodiversity conservation and implementation of sustainable development principles.


PROBICOU was formed by a group of men, women and young professionals with the following objectives;-

I. To develop concrete and clear biodiversity management programs and explore all legitimate and effective avenues of sustainable exploitation of Natural and Extractive Resources
II. To promote sustainable management of chemicals, control waste and toxic substances, and minimize ill health arising from chemical exposure
III. To promote energy efficiency, and innovative approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation

Program areas

Pro-biodiversity Conservationists in Uganda (PROBICOU) is doing work in mainly three program areas.

I. Biodiversity conservation and Extractive resources.
II. Chemicals and Waste Management
III. Energy and Climate Change

PROBICOU’s Governance Structure

PROBICOU is a membership organization; it is governed by the general assembly which is a supreme organ of the organization. The general assembly meets once a year to evaluate the activities of the organization. Under the General Assembly, there is a Board of directors. The board is the policy organ of the organization.
It is composed of five members with at least one female. Then the staff of PROBICOU does the day today activities of the organization at the secretariat. The secretariat is headed by the Executive Director, and deputized by the Deputy Executive Director. Below the Deputy Executive Director are program heads, and officers. PROBICOU has a number of volunteers and associate staff with various professional backgrounds; others are called upon whenever there are activities that require them. .

Membership to Coalitions

The organization is an active member of both International and National Coalitions.

International coalitions and Networks

• Collaborative Group on Solid Waste Management in low and middle income countries (CWG/WASH).
• PCIA (Partnership for Clean indoor Air).
• Zero Mercury Working Group (ZMWG)
• International Pesticides Elimination Network (IPEN) where PROBICOU is a members of the Heavy metals working group.
• GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives)
• PCLG (Poverty and Conservation Learning Group)
• Health Care without Harm Washington DC
• Pesticide Action Network (PAN)

National Coalitions and Networks

• Uganda Forestry Working Group
• Civil Society Network on Oil and Gas (CSCO) – PROBICOU is a member of the Executive Committee.
• Uganda Land Alliance (ULA)
• Climate Action Network Uganda (CAN-U)
• Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development (UCSD)
• Civil Society Coalition on indigenous Peoples in Uganda
• Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG)
• Uganda Population Health and Environment Working Group (UPHWG)

Coalitions/Networks being hosted by PROBICOU

• Publish What You Pay Uganda (PWYP-U)
• Coalition on Environment and Climate Change (CECCU)
• Farmers Union of Uganda (FUU)
Uganda Network on Toxic Free Malaria Control (UNETMAC)

Our Team

Paul Twebaze

Nathan Makuregye

Rashid Mubiru Njuki

Ester Atwijukire

Nampeera Regina

Musiimire Phionah

Volunteers/Interns 2014-2015

  • Musiimire Phionah
  • Happy.K.Bruno
  • Nabaale Abishag
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